Brick Atelier

Pixel editor - Version 0.87


Brick Atelier is a tile-based pixel painting program. It's a freeware (free to use, but not to distribute or sell) alpha version designed for in-house use, but released in case someone finds it useful.

Key features

Technical details

Brick Atelier is programmed in object-oriented style C++ using SDL2 library for screen output. Since SDL2 doesn't have advanced GUI features there is a custom made GUI for Brick which partly explains the long development span began in 2004 and continues from the last release version 0.85 from 2013. The only external part of the GUI is the file dialog which is a Windows based dialog. It can be called from the SDL2, but it's a "bad" solution likely to be replaced with a custom file dialog using only SDL2.


The tool shelf at right is showing related options for the current tool.


Version 0.87 released 4. July 2023. 64-bit for Windows 10+. There is no installer, download and extract the files.

Requires a screen resolution of at least 1234 x 696 pixels. Microsoft Redistributable 2022 is also required, but only if you can't run the program.